Today I was biking back home from yoga when I came across a man walking in the direction opposite from me. I looked at him, he looked at me, and he raised his hand pointing his finger up, I smiled and acknowledged with my head by tilting it forward. Then I looked forward and ducked the branches of a tree, and a wide grin appeared on my face.

Inwardly, this is what happened:

When I saw the man point his finger to the sky, I interpreted as "God is watching over us". I knew this is not what he meant, but it was what I understood. I smiled and nodded to answer "that's true indeed". Then I looked forward, and I understood what he really meant: "be careful with the branches", I ducked to avoid them. I then had a moment of intense happiness because I understood both interpretations were true: since God is watching over us, he warned me about the branches. God is in all of us.