My laptop charger has been causing strange hissing sounds on the MacBook, I googled it and it said it was innocuous and caused by the lack of grounding. It did not happen before, so I was slightly concerned, but today the charger gave out and I ordered a new one from Amazon.

I found a portable keyboard at Rene's, so I paired it with my phone to get a feel of how it it works. I intended to try this on the camino, but it didn't get get chance. So far the layout is quite uncomfortable, I seem to always miss modifier and arrow keys, but it is better than typing on the screen.

Additionally, I have whatsapp notifications popping up, diverting my attention from writing. I activated airplane mode to deactivate notifications, but then the bluetooth keyboard unpaired (of course) so the best I can do is put on sleep mode. I'll still see the notifications at the top of the screen, but anyways...

As I begun writing stream of thought, I ought to continue writing like this. It is a style I abandoned because I was utterly fed up with it. I bored myself describing my daily grind. The upside is that it rarely took me more than 30 minutes to write my work logs, nowadays I find myself taking between 1 and 1.5 hours. Is there a way in which this amount can be reduced?

In the last days I've been putting time into a shared endeavor with Rene, called

I have switched to in order to continue writing this work log. The landing screen was unusable on mobile, but the app itself seems to work ok. The experience is much more pleasant than notes, though five words per line is perhaps too low.

But it's good! That's surprising, low hanging fruit indeed. We've been working on this product during more than a year, with a very careful dogfooding process. All my work logs have been written on it. It's a great tool but the simplicity will fool many people.

What if you had a place on the web where to write, which required no registration, no bullshit, and if you closed the window or restarted your computer you'd come right back to it? It's almost as simple as a customized textarea, but that's part of the charm.

We will release this product in the near future, and I will make sure it works on mobile too. I want to write my inner/outer work logs on the go.