Where am I, right now?

I'm sitting on a bus, which is sitting in traffic, on my way to Mexico City. My best friend's first child was just born, and I'm visiting the recently extended family.

The seat is reclined and my tailbone way past what mothers consider decent seating. I shall adjust. There we go, my mother would be so proud, but there must be maternal wisdom in the advice to seat properly, for it is more comfortable and easier to focus.

Let us see what the senses perceive, separately. My left eardrum is thumping with my heartbeat, and I just lost ten minutes googling it. It can be high blood pressure or ear infection, and given my medical history, it is likely the latter. Baseline doctors here are $2 USD so it's plenty affordable to visit them. I shall...

I sidetracked. This is normal, one comes back to the exercise, and perceives: besides the thump, thump, thump what do I hear?

The wheezing of the motor of the bus, it sounds more electric than mechanic. I had never noticed how different bus motors sound from car motors, it is only when they move from a stop that you hear (and feel) the familiar mechanical rumbling.

There is also an indisctint movie playing in the background. It seems to have a lot of gun action, but I haven't even looked at the screen nor I have plans of doing so. Most of the sounds of the city are lost on the bus.

Let us switch senses: do I smell anything? There's a faint smell of deodorant, though not the kind that is used on armpits. It must be deodorant they use between trips, probably a spray. But like lounge music, it is easily ignored and provides a pleasant ambiance.

I wish to continue, but the bus has arrived to the station. I expected to have more time. Good bye for now.