I'm on the bus to Puebla, my hometown, coming back after an eight month adventure that took me all over the place: Cancún, Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto and Victoria. Along the way I stayed with friends and family, though I should write family only as I consider the friends that I visited as family.

My mother organized a welcoming party of sorts. My extended family in Puebla will come to my house and we will have Sunday lunch together when I arrive. My mother always organizes this when I leave and come back to Puebla, but it's mostly an excuse to gather together. I would prefer that the excuse to gather is not me, but it is what it is.

I'm writing this out of guilt of not having written at all in the past week or so. I was in Mexico City and I didn't feel compelled to write at all. I mostly write to digest what I experience, but what I experienced was very familiar so there was not much to digest. These were not interesting but they were pleasant times.

I don't feel like writing much today, but I wanted to mark this day as "the end of a chapter". This chapter was amazing and transformative, and what I am experiencing now is settling down and thus seems uninteresting in comparison to "great adventures". But we can't live perpetually in great adventure, we need a space between stories and this is it.

What will the new chapter bring? When I used to do my journalling in notebooks I would write the title of the notebook in the directions that I wanted my life to be steered. Pretty soon I demonstrated to myself that I have no control over the direction of my life. If I wanted to make myself happy I would make myself sad, if I wanted to fulfill professional ambition I would meet a creative block, and so on.

So I desisted from writing the title of the journal before I started writing in it. Instead, I would write the title when I was done writing the journal, because it's not me choosing the life I want to live, but rather life expressing itself through me, and I only know the title of the chapter when it ends.

What was the title of this chapter? I would title it "dancing with life". It was a great adventure. Now I will have a nap.