After an afternoon nap I woke up in the most foul mood. The entire body was aching. I threw an inner tantrum "There is nothing here for me anymore, I will leave tomorrow". I went out for dinner and came back to the monastery. I didn't feel like writing my work log in this state. I meditated for a long while. The spoiled child inside me receded and I fell into peaceful sleep. I woke up this morning enthusiastic about my last day here.

It's time to move on indeed, but tantrums are unnecessary. I'll write down the lessons about working while on the camino, so that I can pick up things where I leave them:

  1. Bringing your usual structure of work to a different place reduces the surface of experience. Instead of seeking facilities that adapt to your ideal working conditions, seek to adapt to new working conditions.

  2. The availability of a kitchen keeps expenses in check and food healthy.

  3. The next step after courage is detaching from the results that courage brings.

  4. Walking is meditation in itself. When you stop, the mind needs to keep on walking. So sit down to meditate if you're not walking that day.