I document the illegal stuff I do because I only break the law if I feel justified in doing it. I'm well aware of the slippery slope this entails, it is quite easy to construe virtous justification when in reality the true motiviation is personal gain. Even then, sometimes personal gain is enough justification if the law is senseless.

When I overstayed my tourist visa in Spain and lied to the police about losing my passport, my justification was that I loved Spain too much and I didn't make use of their social services. I felt my presence in the country was a net positive. This is what I mean by breaking the law for personal gain.

Yesterday I spent two hours editing my credit card statement in Illustrator to make it appear as if I had spent most of the year in Quebec, when in reality most of the year was spent in Mexico. The reason I had to do this was to not lose my health insurance, otherwise I would have to pay for some medical services out of my own pocket.

When I came to Montreal to take care of my grandmother, Quebec was at the height of the COVID pandemic. Our regular government caregivers would sometimes be replaced by people hired from caregiving agencies because caregivers would catch COVID. I was in need of a booster shot, which I could only get with health care. As a non-resident I knew I was not entitled to it, but this was clearly a justified case.

This time around I attended a medical appointment. My health insurance had expired and I had to renew it. It was then I realized I was not entitled to it and according to law I had to pay out of my pocket. The nurse had ordered several lab tests and had made the consultation. I estimated my medical expenses to be around $1,500 and $2,000 CAD. It was then when I decided to make it appear as if I had remain in Quebec most of the year.

Would I pay for it if I were in a comfortable financial situation? I wouldn't even had used the service. I would have gone to a private doctor because the health system is backlogged and the only place where I could find medical care was a clinic specifically geared towards the gay community. It's not that that I had to wait more, there was no way of getting medical attention unless I was gay, so I lied and stated I had sex with men in order to get medical attention. The only other appointments available were for clinic for patients under 26 years of age and I can't lie about that.

So there's that, my documentation about how and why I break the law.