Also published in Quarantine Diaries.

Today I spent the day alone, mostly in the bush, building something very strange that asked to be built. Using the stem of palm tree leaves stripped of their foliage and taking advantage of a few existing trees, I built some arches where creeping plants are emerging. I tried training them to climb, but they are very delicate plants that do not like to be disturbed.

This I discovered by trial and error, and I've butchered many of these gentle climbing plants before I discovered that my training proved too grueling for them, and they would wither away after a few days. So now know I must guide them gently, suggesting the spiraling limb to grab onto a stick that is inches away. If they are a good match, the limb will almost coil itself around the stick.

Having a structure set up, I begun tying ends with a fresh vine that I pulled down a tree, and begun spinning a spiderweb of sorts, so that these vines that are waking up from their winter slumber grab on to the structure. If things turn out as I expect, this structure will become a tunnel when the vines grow with the upcoming rains.

My task was concluded when the skies darkened and rain was imminent. I spun enough spiderweb around the structure for it to be stable. Or so I thought. As I listen to the sound of trees shaking from the gusts of wind, I become more concerned about my improvised craftmanship.