I am sitting at the library of my former university. I came to collect all the required documentation for my degree. Not once I was asked for my degree except at my last job. I couldn't get a working visa in Spain because I hadn't done this before.

My Sufi psychologist said that when these sort of "accidents" happen (missing the last little requirement for graduation) we are in conflict with our feelings regarding our parents. On the one side we want to please them with a degree, and at the same time we want to get back at them: look, it wasn't even necessary. The contradiction plays out in real life, and you "virtually" complete the task, but never undertake the very last effort of seeing it through.

Be it psychological bullshit or not, the task feels monumental, even though it's simply a matter of gathering documentation and paying the fee. Should I mention all the bureaucratic hoops I must jump? Yeah, I think it's unnecessary too.

I walked around the campus. I saw it was beautiful. Posters announced various workshops and events I was interested in. I went to the sports area. The gym is massive and has everything I need. The pool looks amazing and has a nice green area where I could have lunch. But this time I had lunch at the cafeteria, it wasn't all that great but it was cheap. The library is filled with books, and I greatly miss diving into journals. There's even a bike path to get here, 11.5Km from home.

This campus will become the ideal workplace, in time. Just jump through the hoops for the time being.