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In the dawn of times, there was only ocean and sky. Sky knew ocean could act as a mirror if he remained still, and she would often plead with ocean to remain still, so that she could look at herself.

"It's not in my control", ocean would reply. Sky would get mad and great waves would ripple on ocean's surface, distorting it's reflection even more. "How you dare to mock me! Not only you refuse to remain still, but you grow more agitated each time I ask you to remain still!". Only sky's exhaustion would stabilize the ocean again.

One night ocean grew tired of sky's demands, and he truly mocked her: "oh vain creature, why would you want to look at yourself? you think you are clean and clear, but your surface is just as turbulent as mine, full of clouds. If you were pure and clean as you think, I might be able to see what lies behind your ugly face!".

The storm that followed lasted weeks, sky gathering heavy clouds which would swirl into hurricanes, dropping all her fury into the ocean. Ocean would swell into massive waves which would collide into each other, sending foam into sky, growing her spite.

Finally, the exhaustion that followed 150 days of fury prevented the sky to have as much as a single breath to disturb the ocean, and the ocean remained as still as a puddle on a windless day. Sky looked at herself in the reflection, but she was uninterested: in stillness she marvelled at the depth of the ocean, he was an inner entire landscape with the appearance of shallow surface.

Ocean looked up to the sky and observed the stars and galaxies for the first time. In reverence he understood that sky's clouds were a mirror of the clouds found within their own galaxy, and that he had mocked something sacred. Not only that, in their fight he had come to understand he was made of the same substance.

Their divinity understood in each other's eyes, stillness was disturbed by a whisper, you're beautiful.