Walked: 22 Km (171 Km total)

In this land, pear and apple trees are guided to grow in two dimensions. Much like grape vines, the tree is trimmed small and encouraged to grow its branches along a single axis in a row. It seems this would yield less fruit per square meter, but it allows the farmer to do most of the work from his tractor.

You seldom see a farmer on foot, they are always operating machinery. The distance between olive trees is just enough so that a tractor can drive through. The width of dirt roads on wheat fields is just enough for a harvester to move on it.

Hand labour is used of course, but mostly for harvesting fruit. From the grasping capacities of robotic arms and object recognition recognition capacities in software, it's easy to infer human labor days in farmland is counted.

Ignorant people talk trash about these farms, but if industrial production of food were to cease to exist, world wide famine would happen overnight, and a large percentage of us would need to become farmers in order to support the dietary requirements of humanity.

Organic is wonderful, permaculture is awesome, but it doesn't supersede industrial farming. If all food were produced like this, a large percentage of the population wouldn't be able to afford eating. Don't diss cheap flavorless supermarket tomato, do celebrate garden hand-reared tomatoes.