Algunos días sólo se escribe como método para provocar que los nubarrones interiores suelten agua. No hace falta transcribir los rituales para llegar a ello. el propósito era esclarecerme para escribir un about personal. Esto fue lo que resultó:

I take a deep breathe in, exhale.

I detest this task.

To define myself.

Definitions are boundaries.

As soon as I see a boundary I wish to transgress it.

The rules that I put myself are rules meant to be broken,

but underneath the rebellious nature of this insight,

lies a deeper way of doing things,

rather than performing a futile attempt at inner control,

the detached mind observes the forces at play without intervention.

Without attention, all insight goes to waste.

With senses heightened, one perceives within:

Where does the "I" exist?

Does it come from the head?

Today it exists in the heart.

I have not learned how to remain there,

and I still arrive by trial and error,

but I can come to exist in the heart,

an aching can be felt,

but who is not reeling lately,

is it really pain?

no, look more closely: it is yearning.

Yearning for what?

That is the question.

Where does this yearning want to go?

To be reunited with the one?

The way of reunion is art.

That would make me an artist,

But a failure of courage has been observed,

in which I constantly put off my responsibility,

to share the insights of this great journey.

The journey is never complete without embodying it.

Let actions speak louder than words.

Who am I?

I am what I do.