It's 3:30 in the morning. I woke up two hours ago after having slept most of the afternoon, and then some more at night. This is what I call teenage schedule, in which I disregard social conventions and I sleep when my body asks me to sleep. I am alert and my mind feels free of debris, as if I had just meditated.

I'm writing this without an agenda, simply to register my current state. I'm in my bedroom, sitting in my office chair in front of a small improvised desk which was never meant for computer work, but it is strangely comfortable. In the past I might have attributed my lack of productivity to not having ideal working conditions, but through much fiddling with my environment I have discovered the biggest productivity boost comes not from rearranging your environment, but from rearranging your mind.

There is one exception, however, and that is that my screen has smudges and dirt. This tends to distract me in the long run. I will address this before continuing my writing.

Ah, much better.

I placed a quarter of a patch of nicotine on my chest. For the past three days I have been completely nicotine free, but today I was feeling manageable cravings which I wanted to be able to get off my mind in order to put my mind entirely at work.

I'm observing my breath and something inside of me tells me this is another form of procrastination. I know I have to open Sublime Text and lose myself in coding, but there is always a mental preparation, sort of like a pre-flight checklist so that I am not interrupted in the middle of work because of hunger or other bodily needs. My coffee is running out and I'm wondering if I should do a refill, but I feel alert enough as to not need it in the next two hours.

It is 10 minutes until 4am. I will begin work then. Until then, I will scan my body from toes to head to make sure everything is in order. Everything is OK all the way up to my groin. My scrotum was being pulled by my thigh, I just readjusted it. My stomach is making subtle noises, not from hunger but from digestion. I've been putting too much food into it as a countermeasure to nicotine cravings, which combined with coffee makes for uneasy sensations in the gut, my digestion is not in an ideal state, but there is not much I can do about it. I have a slight pain on my left shoulder, yesterday I tried bench-pressing the bar without weight. The pain was unbearable. In a resting state as I am now, the pain is subtle but noticeable.

I would say that I'm at around 95% of computer work capacity, which is pretty good. It's 4am now. Time to get to work.