I'm having trouble getting any work done. I go to the gym and then to yoga in the morning. After yoga I walk to the port in front of Habitat 67 and have my lunch there. Then, I grudgingly make my way back home to work, then I grow restless, I have dinner and I go out to get a glimpse of the sunset and then find an event or just bike around.

This week I decided something different, which I haven't tried since my university days: working at night. It's 10:30 of a Sunday and I'm just sitting down to get some work done. I decided by writing this as a work log I'd help myself organize this work. I wont write down the particulars of my work, just the thoughts that arise from activity.

I'm improving the classifieds for furniture to be sold in the apartment because nobody seems to be interested, even a super low prices. I had an antiquarian come to pick up some things to purchase and he gave me little hope: this kind of furniture is out of style, nobody wants it even if it's good quality.

I used to dislike it, but it grows on you. I'm tired of all the cozy minimalist bullshit I see everywhere, so this is a breath of old air. But it is also pretentious like a petite burgois, and that has not aged well. Anything middle-class aspirational will not age well because it has neither the quality of work nor the materials of truly expensive furniture.

One is better off paying for something that looks humble, but is made by a master craftsman, than something that looks expensive but lacks spiritual integrity (now furniture has spirit?).

I also replicated some of the classifieds I put on Kajiji on FB Marketplace to see if it performs better.

My grandfather had a collection of coins, not really as a collector's item, but it is well known that many Canadian and US coins minted before 1968 had varying amounts of silver in them, so I guess he would inspect his change and put silver coins apart. He also stashed copper cents, which--even though their value by weight is greater than their denomination, in practice nobody buys copper pennies because there is not enough margin.

Tonight I separated the wheat from the chaff, I put apart the pennies and post 1968 coins in a bag to take to the bank, and the silver coins in a different bag to take to the silver dealer.


It's 1:35am and I have decided to call it a day (night?). Three hours of work, which is an hour short of my shift. However, since tomorrow I will go to the bank and possibly to the coin dealer, I will be completing my work day by running these errands. Working at night is nice, but I've become accustomed to going to bed early and this will take some adjustment.

Until tomorrow.