Dear Raphael Marcotte,

Last night I was walking back home from a concert (Bomba Estéreo) when I saw a black wallet sitting on a bench at the door of a Concordia University building. I sighed because finding a wallet is not a prize, it's a responsibility, yet I took it because I don't know any better.

I searched for your name on the internet. There are a couple of people with your same name, but I could narrow you down to a young man who plays hockey with Le Boomerang. I found what appears to be your instagram account and sent you a message about your wallet, but I have not received a response.

Inside your wallet are your driver's license, health card and debit card, as well as $30 bucks. After much deliberation with myself, I have decided the efforts to track you down and let you know I have your wallet have been sufficient, and if you don't reach back to me in 30 days, I will hand your wallet to the police or bank, minus the $30 dollars that were in your wallet for safety concerns.

Should you read this message after I have handed your wallet back to the police, I would still owe you the $30 dollars that were in your wallet. You can get in touch with me at I am hoping that, even if you don't respond on instagram, one day you will make a vanity search and come across this entry and know what happened with that black wallet you left behind a Saturday night, and at least recover the cash you had in your wallet.

Update: dude responded to my instagram message and I sent his wallet via mail paying with his own money, because he lives 2h away from Montreal.