Last night I had one of those spiritually significant dreams, a very long one, full of strange scenes and people. During the day I was feeling despair, and my attempts to wear it off through naps were unsuccessful. I prayed that I could dream to get me out of the despair, but I didn't receive an answer until I went to sleep at night.

I woke up from the dream dazzled, at 4:30 in the morning. By design of the universe, I took my laptop to bed in order to work until I dozed off, because I was finding difficulty falling asleep. This meant I could write the salient points of the dream so I could fill it out today (the next morning).

I offer the dream without its interpretation. I don't think I have an interpretation yet.

I was in the living room of my home in Puebla. There was a muscular shirtless teenager wanting to pick up a fight with me. I brushed him off, challenging him philosophically instead. He couldn't understand the importance of a "philosophical fight" rather than a physical one. I told him to go to a nearby Kung-Fu school in Mayorazgo to pick up fights.

In a flash he went and came back to show me some videos on his phone. He had gone to the school and beat up students and teachers alike. He was glowing with pride, but what I saw in the videos was a bully, beating up people who had tapped out of the fight. I thought that he had beat up the local school but was a big fish in a small pond, and his pride was unwarranted.

On a shelf of the living room I saw a sizeable amount of cash. I thought it might be his or my mom's. I discreetly pocketed it for myself.

A trope of workers with a lady rushed into the living room. My mother had asked for a senseless piece of custom built furniture which was to frame the fireplace. I took my mother to my room and I told her the project was useless. She agreed, but she was too polite to tell them off.

I went outside to the backyard, closing the sliding door behind me. I heard some strange noises and turned around to find a cat stuck underneath the sliding door. Apparently, it had sneaked in and was trying to sneak out as I was closing the door. Opened the door and the cat walked only with its front legs, as if I had severed its spine. I didn't feel pity for the cat, I thought "what a stupid cat". I approached it and it tried running away. Its hind legs begun moving. I thought perhaps its injury was only temporary. But it ran towards the glass wall of my house, scratching as it was trying to get in. "What a stupid cat" I thought again.

I went out to the street. I was in Madrid. A group of kids had crowded around the Kung-Fu kid. They were beating him up. I expected him to be able to manage the crowd, but he was overpowered. I looked, expecting the kids to go around flying at any moment. But it didn't happen. He was beaten.

My graduation ceremony was to take place in Madrid. My family was invited, but I hadn't taken my phone, and I was concerned that my dad wouldn't be able to find the venue, near Sol. I was with my cousin Helen.

We went to a Café because Helen needed to use the restroom. The waiters spoke Spanish, which disconcerted me because I was in a country where nobody spoke Spanish (though I was in Spain). I thought they didn't know I understood Spanish when they were speaking. They were talking about trivialities. I saw a sign in the restaurant that said "if you ask for room service, the bell boy will come to your room in 10 to 30 seconds". I thought this was unreasonably quick. A man barged into the café saying "where is that damn bell boy, we're making promises we can't hold". The waiters turned to him and answered in English that he was away, and that he was often away and those were empty promises.

The waiters were looking at me as if expecting me to order something, so I left to wait for Helen outside. She came out and I hurried her because we were running late for my graduation. We were in the middle of Plaza del Sol, and I meant to walk to Gran Vía, near Callao. In the middle of the plaza was an artifical lake, not unlike the one at Retiro. Helen hopped in a boat shaped like a black swan while I ran around the lake. We reached the end of the lake at the same time, and I derided her for taking the more complex route when we could have just run together.

We encountered a taxi along the way and we hopped into it. A pleasant old man was the driver, I barked him to rush to Sol (not Callao). He said that it was a long way west, and took Gran Vía at great speed. We passed through a narrow crowded street where there was a nightclub called "Can Can", on the outside it said that single men were only allowed on the top floor, couples were allowed on the first floor. I pointed out to Helen this was a swingers club and we looked at it with great interest. The building displayed different venue names in different places, I inferred that the club sometimes operated as a swingers club and other times as a normal nightclub. I looked at the taximeter, it marked 49 euros. I was concerned that he might not be able to charge me with my credit card, as I was not carrying cash.

The driver was confused at a fork in the road and went right through the middle, which looked like the slope in Parque del Oeste. He didn't seem to realize he had gone off the road for a moment. I asked him what the hell was he doing and he seemed to wake up from his stupor, trying to regain control of the car. We went down the slope to the bottom of the park, where the car made a stop. We were unscathed, but the taxi driver begun convulsing muttering incoherent speech.

Helen was extremely annoyed by this, and begun imitating his muttering and convulsions. She said that he would have to call 911 himself and passed him her phone, which he was unable to operate. I was annoyed at Helen's lack of empathy and foresight, so I produced a phone out of my pocket and called 911 myself. I was connected to a woman who was disconcerted and somehow understood that her partner was cheating on her. I gave up and we left the taxi with the convulsing driver inside.

As we left the taxi we saw a group of attractive women dressed in BDSM outfits walking away. Several of them had large dildos hanging out of their anuses, their sphincters stretched out by the weight of the dildos stuck up their asses. I said out loud "no mames!" and they repeated in chorus "no mames!". I understood they knew I was Mexican and they were mocking me.

I saw a palm tree which top had broken off from the weight of a peacock that had stood on top. A crowd had gathered around, the peacock lay dead on the floor, with its tail missing. It looked like a large piece of meat. I inferred that it had climbed to the top to display its tail, and in this act it had "created" weight which snapped the tree. I thought this its desire to show off had brought about its demise.

I rushed towards Sol for my graduation ceremony. Helen was falling behind, and I begun pushing her. She resisted. I put her inside a bag, and I was raging. I swung her over my head, in circular motions, hitting whatever I encountered along the way. I entered a building where I thought the ceremony was taking place, leaving the bag outside. Inside the doorway there were only stairs downwards, into a basement. Inside the basement there were many doors, I peeked inside and saw many other doors, in a maze-like structure. "This is not the venue" I thought, so I went upstairs to get out of there.

There was a sliding door. I slid it open. Behind the door was another sliding door. I slid it open. Yet another door. I repeated, same thing, another door. I ran downstairs again and opened another door.

A older lady with spectacles was sitting at a desk. She looked like the lady who had come to build the furniture back at home. She calmly informed me I would be locked there for two months.