Last night I had a dream:

I went back to Puebla. I went to a yoga class with my favorite teacher there. I was afraid about having to explain why I was back after only two months, but nobody asked and everyone was friendly and happy to see me.

I was staying at a hotel. I knew my mother would be there, staying in a different room. When I reached her floor, she came out of her room and was overflowing with excitement at seeing me. Part of the floor was missing and she would fall because she didn't notice. I yelled out to be careful but she just walked over it. It turned out to be glass and we embraced with great emotion.

I had been invited by a friend to give a talk on my design games at a professional meetup. I wasn't excited about it, but I thought I might as well meet new people. I went into my hotel room alone and my cat was there (I don't have a cat). The cat was exceedingly affectionate and I played around with it for a long while, then I took the cat into a car I had borrowed from my sister and headed to the meetup.

Along the way the scenery was tropical and sunny. I stopped for a moment to appreciate a beautiful mountain range with sumptuous vegetation and waterfalls coming out of it. I went out of the car and saw that there was a museum nearby. I went inside with the cat following behind.

I wandered around the museum uninterested in its contents. I remembered about the meetup, I was already late but perhaps I could still make it. I tried to find my way out but I couldn't. I had lost my cat.

I focused my mind for a moment and intentioned "I want the cat and a door right here", and both wishes were conceded. I opened the door and went into the car with the cat. As I was making my way to the meetup, I thought "Fuck this, I couldn't care less about my games. I want to enjoy my family, I want to explore, I want to practice yoga, I want to spend time with myself", thinking this I was no longer anxious about reaching my destination. I was simply driving and enjoying the scenery.